Helping rappers
find their

Helping rappers
find their

Helping rappers find their brand


Hey! I’m Jack “Scrappy” Degnan, a Hip Hop Radio Program Director with a an MBA in Brand Management. Please consider my Unsigned Grind video podcast for your platform. Airing on radio for many years, it’s a show that helps rappers find their brand!

Tons of independent rappers are stuck in Hip Hop Purgatory. They have social media love, music videos, concert dates, a catalogue, promo and growing streams but their brand game needs work. Sending mixed messages, their audience doesn't truly "get" them. Frustration mounts. They need genuine support.

Unsigned Grind challenges rappers to take inventory of themselves. If they don’t know exactly who they are, how can they expect the audience to sympathize with them and invest in the relationship? This skull session inspires discovery of identity, message, image, niche, audience and brand.

An innovative feature of this podcast is that I combine it with a digital marketing campaign. Each guest is armed with a slew of Grind Toolz - hyper creative, social media clips that stir affinity, stamp identity and build community.

Interview Format


Weaned by NYC Hip Hop, I got my nickname “Scrappy” on the basketball court. I’m a Hip Hop Radio Program Director/Air Personality with an MBA in Brand Management from Vanderbilt, BS in Journalism from Univ. of Florida, recent Digital Marketing Badge from Wharton and ad agency experience in Los Angeles, NYC and Miami. I also mentor rappers, host a business podcast, produce concerts and helm a charitable program for children in the Caribbean.

Unsigned Grind was an unprecedented, independent artist show on the radio for over a decade in Florida. Rappers earned guidance, social media exposure, airplay, on-air interviews, concert dates, producers, record deals and my passionate encouragement. It has evolved into a podcast that develops Hip Hop careers.


Featured rappers are Dee Goodson, MOF Jugg, TMike and La Morena. Four amazing grinds. They rep Hip Hop with unique interpretations.

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Four spec episodes are available upon request.

Ousted from his label, rapper/singer eschews street cred.

Dominican stripper leaves the pole for Dembow and Hip Hop.

Dominican stripper leaves the pole for Dembow and Hip Hop.

Rapper’s mom dies when he’s 13, deals drugs, then finds rap.

He makes his money on Wall Street and invests it in his grind.

5 Digital Grind Toolz

The podcast’s stealth component

Grind Toolz extend the rapper's newfound, brand awareness from the podcast to social media. They are fun clips intent on making lasting impressions, stamping identity and moving the relationship needle. A campaign is devised for every artist. A few copyrights are borrowed to sell you on the notion.

1. Hip By Association

You got it like that?!?

One method to fuel brand affinity is aligning the rapper with something or someone iconic.

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2. Trend Influence

What’s happening now!!!

Themes that arouse curiosity and reinforce early adoption

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3. Clipse Art

Podcast excerpts!

This concept is in play, but it is rarely optimized. Given an interview, the rappers chooses excerpts to post.

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4. Esskeetit!!!

Given the rapper’s dynamic personality, I challenge them to put their spin on the campaign.

5. Unbiased Branding

Day Ones give passionate testimonials for the campaign (I.e. from MOF’s orange braids peeps, TMike’s homies at the bars, La Morena's booty shakin' Latinas) to leverage "early majority" fans.

Extrapolate these 5 creative verves long term and the rapper gets a rich narrative to leverage new and deeper fan relationships.


Before the podcast, these gifted rappers typically said their target demo is “everybody”, their competition is “no one” and their differential advantage is “me”. They said their promo strategy was to respond to those that reach out to them. After the podcast, they felt focused and empowered. Clouds were lifted.

Target Audience

Core: 18- 44, Members of your community entertained by alternative facets of Hip Hop culture, such as the process of branding and self actualizing an artist. This also includes hordes of rappers and other professionals looking for ways to personally brand themselves.


Most Hip Hop podcasts feature commentary inside our culture. It's a crowded space. I scrap against them with an authentic premise, brand expertise and over a decade of experience hosting this niched content. Plus, I add digital campaigns, zagging in my own lane.


There are several ways to monetize and produce this. Let’s discuss your goals and see if there’s a fit.

Key Benefits


Thank you Scrappy for being an awesome guide for us indie rappers! You give me amazing connections and awesome ideas. I am always grateful because there are very few people like you in the industry. I love what you’ve done for me!!!
- La Morena
What’s guud, big bro? Thank you for the opportunities, wisdom and guidance. You are a godsend! You don’t have to do any of this for me, but you do! You are crazy creative, pushing me every step of the way! Fam forever!!!
- MOF Jugg
Scrappy, you are larger than life!!! I love listening to you on the radio! I dig how you have tirelessly support independent artists. You don't just provide us with practical resources, you also drop brand knowledge that has been a big help.
- TMike
I’ve always looked up to you and listened to you on radio. You’ve been the only one that’s given me constructive criticism and honest opinions. You’ve helped me as an indie rapper by supporting my work and giving me tips!
- Angel Andres
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Sharing Songs

I choose guests with intrigue, promise, grit and heart. Ride-or-die for them!!!